What started as a desire to help people thrive naturally led us to create quality products for horses, pets and people. Here’s how it all began …


Hi there, and thanks for visiting us! We’re Monte and Andrea Robertson and we’ve been passionate about the power of using real feed and real food for horses, pets, and humans for years.

Like you, we believe that giving our horses real feed is one of the best ways we can care for them.

Our Start Was

All About Healthy Horses

As a Veterinary Technician, Andrea knows what to do when an animal needs help. She knew that hemp seed products were packed with nutritional benefits for horses. When we first it was legal to import hemp foods but not produce them in the USA. So, we started by importing hemp products into the U.S. from Canada just so we could see if it helped ours’ and other people’’s horses. (Some of those horses even eventually joined our herd!) 

Soon we found ourselves helping abandoned and/or orphaned foals and colts as well as full-grown feral horses with our hemp products. With each one, we learned a little more about the powerful effects of hemp-based products on horses. Our goal was to make things better for as many horses as possible. 

And Then It grew

From Horses to Dogs to People

After Colorado became one of the first to approve growing hemp, Monte founded the San Luis Valley Hemp Company® (SLV Hemp) in 2014 to research, develop and manufacture products made from hemp seeds. As he saw the dramatic changes taking place on their farm and with friend’s animals he dedicated himself to learning the ins and outs of producing this powerful superfood. As a result, SLV Hemp became the exclusive manufacturer of The Sturdy Horse™ products.

In 2016, the ground-swell of interest in CBD products began so we started the HEAL® Brand of quality hemp-based CBD products. These products are for people like you who want to help themselves, their horses and pets live life thrive naturally. From the beginning, we knew that if transparent quality was the first box we checked, we could help a lot of horses, pets and their people.

We Live in the beautiful

San Luis Valley, Colorado

The San Luis Valley area is well known for producing some of the world's highest quality hay. It’s the perfect place to combine the best hay with hemp feeds to produce a matchless super feed.

Quality Gaurantee

Our High Standards

Our CBD lab holds a long-standing certification for both ISO 9001 and GMP. They were the first in the State of Colorado to obtain these regulatory certifications. While there are currently no governmental regulations on CBD, we constantly aim to stay ahead of the curve and do things the right way. Every Hemp product has been independently tested by an accredited 3rd party lab since the beginning.

We have been conducting business “by the book,” even when there was no book.

Hemp Industry Involvement

Research Support

Throughout our journey, nutrition from the hemp products has been our main focus—feeding the health and well-being of the horse from the ground up. That’s why our manufacturer SLV Hemp is proud to support the Hemp Feed Coalition by processing the hemp seed as hemp feed for animal studies at major universities around the country.

Currently we are supporting trials at Tarleton State University and Texas A&M. We love to learn and share what we’re learning to give each horse lover in our herd the opportunity to have a “Sturdy Horse.” That really is the core of our efforts. Our hope is to leave things in a little better shape than we found them and help make the world a better place, through the horse.

We look forward to helping you and your animals thrive naturally!

Headed To Our Area?

Come For A Visit!

If you are ever in the San Luis Valley you are welcome to visit our store where you can see first-hand what we're up to. We are happy to suggest where to stay and things to do so drop us a note or give us a call!

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