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No additives, by-products, fortified synthetics or preservatives.

Hemp Seed: The Real Superfood

You can maintain a healthy body condition and heal skin, joint and digestive problems with our high quality hemp seed products.

Hemp is a superfood for you, your horses, and your pets!


From oils to pellets, we’ve made it easy for you to make natural feed a part of your daily diet and animal care. Simple also means no genetically modified oats, corn and soybean products or man-made synthetic ingredients—it’s time to get back to nature.




You and your animals were designed to eat minimally processed food free from petroleum and synthetics found in most feeds and supplements. Our hemp feed and supplements are 100% real so you can use them with confidence.


Are you having problems with skin, inflammation, joints, digestion, feet, and even behavior?

Science and our own case studies have shown that hemp seed oil products have a positive impact on this and more. It really is a superfood for animals and humans!


Nature provides the best foundation for you and your animals’ health. That’s why all of our hemp products are naturally produced right here in the United States. We work directly with our exclusive manufacturer to source quality hemp seed.

You won’t find “ingredients” in our products because real, naturally produced food is its own ingredient.


How Our Hemp Feed Products Are Helping Horses

hoof recovery


An off the track racehorse, Xiroma had poor foot health. His sole depth was less than ¼ inch thick which led to him damaging his lamin. His owners later discovered his coffin bone had been chipped because of the trauma. Their farrier suggested our products and after just 2 months of feeding, Xiroma’s new foot growth was substantially healthier. Xiroma continues to enjoy hemp feed and today, he is perfectly sound. According to the farrier, he has great foot health!

healthy weight


Briscoe is a 20-year-old appendix gelding who lost a lot of weight trying to adjust to the extreme heat of summer. After using a variety of feeds and different supplements with no improvement, his owners started him on our hemp feed products.

Briscoe has been on the Sturdy Horse Senior Performance for over a year now. His owners said, “We finally feel like we have our boy back. He coped well with the summer heat and never went off feed. His coat has never looked better.”



Learn about Blondie and how Stury Horse products helped fix her hooves.

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