Blondie is a 22 year old appendix mare that I’ve been mostly been feeding hay, barley and some of the Total feed.

I tried about everything to fix the cracks in her feet.

blondie cracked feet
blondie cracked feet

Last year, LMike, a rodeo buddy of mine introduced me to the all-natural Sturdy Horse Products, so I tried giving my animals the Omega+ Top dressing and Hoof care products.

The after 5 months on the top dressing the pictures speak for themselves.

blondie hoofs after
blondie hoofs after

You should also see my Mule Rio.

rio the mule

He looks like he gets groomed every day while he has been on this stuff.

Sturdy Horse feed, supplements and products get high scores from me.
Roddy C.
Weatherford Texas
PRCA Judge