Help your pets thrive naturally with our hemp products for pets. 

Your pets aren’t like family—they are family.

Anyone who loves a pet could never doubt their furry friend loves them right back.

And your furry family member deserves the very best food nature has to offer, right? That’s why we’re passionate about providing real food through our hemp for pets products.

Back to Nature

Happy tails start with feeding your pets the type of real food that matches their natural needs. It’s hard to look at your Weimaraner and remember that she’s a descendant of wolves, but she is. And many of the functions in her system are still the same as her wild brethren. 

Processed pet food may be easy and convenient, but think about it—it is not what your pets are historically used to eating. Take a moment and imagine the look on a wolf’s face if you served him the typical burnt kibble bits. 

Although your pets may not be in the wild catching their own food, as a natural creature, they will benefit from real food in the same way that you and your horses do. The hemp seed provides a complete protein and is the basis for our natural pet feed. It is the best way to help your pets thrive naturally.   

(Learn more on our Hemp 101 page.) 

As a complete protein, the hemp seed is the best way to feed your pet naturally.

getting Started

How to Safely Use Hemp for Pets

At The Sturdy Horse, we offer tested and trusted hemp products for pets. We use them on our own pets, too! 

Does your pet have any of the following issues?

Eye issues
Ear problem
Skin and coat conditions

They possibly could be diet related. At minimum, you should supplement your processed pet food with real food such as our Top Dressing, HEAL capsules, or chicken flavored tincture. We encourage you to take the time to add real food to their diet and watch how your pets respond.

Our hemp for pets products are available as Top Dressing, capsules or oil.

your big question

Is Hemp Safe for Pets?

First, let’s address the big question: Can my pets get high on these products?

Answer: Not a chance. 

All of our products are made with high quality hemp seeds which contain only trace amounts (non-detectable) of THC which is what is responsible for the “high” feeling most often associated with cannabis products.

Are these products banned substances?

Hemp seed foods are not banned nor detectable in drug tests. As you learn here on our Hemp 10 page, our hemp seed products contain only trace amounts (non-detectable levels) of the cannabinoids that make CBDs a banned substance.

Which ones are hemp seed products vs CBD? 

Our natural feed, top dressing and hoof care products are from the hemp seed. These products made from the hemp seed are considered safe for people but don't yet have the Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) designation from the FDA yet for animals … even though they are GRAS for people.

The CBD products (such as our Chicken Flavored Tincture) come from the greenery portion of the hemp plant and may be banned or detectable. If you are involved in competition with your pets, you will want to verify with your governing organization if CBD products are allowed. 

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