Molly is a 15 year old Arabian Mare.  I purchased Molly as a brood a Mare in the spring of 2019.  She was bred in June of that year to a thoroughbred stallion and Foaled early June of 2020.  It has been difficult to keep Molly in the body condition I am accustomed to for my brood mares.  She basically is provided with free choice grass and alfalfa hay.  I also provide grain, minerals and vitamins as needed for their stage of pregnancy and milk production, but despite all of this Molly still did not have the condition I like to see.


Molly before feed

Sturdy Horse hemp pellets were recommended to me by my trainer in Colorado.  At first I only fed 1lb a day, after a few weeks I still did not see the improvement I wanted. The foal was old enough to creep feed, so I increased Molly’s Hemp pellets to 4lbs a day. It was wonderful to see that both Molly and her foal would eat them. After 6 weeks on 4 lbs a day of Sturdy Horse hemp pellets, Molly and her foal have bloomed!  I am impressed with the Real Food Value of Sturdy Horse hemp pellets.

molly after feed

Molly after feed...

Molly and foal after feed

Molly and foal after feed

Tamara Boose